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New LED lights are in the house!

These Trail Tech Equiniox LED driving lights pack quite a punch for their size (1.8″x3.2″). They put out 800 lumens of light in a tight, spot pattern that throws the light 200 feet down the road.

They’ve got three different intensity levels so you can adjust them for different situation and since they are LED they sip power from your bikes battery instead of guzzle it like standard 55w bulbs.

Trail Tech LED Driving Light

That’s right, you read the title correctly. Gerbing’s heated motorcycle gear is bringing it’s production back to the United States.

Owner Jeff Gerbing announced that with production costs in China climbing, and control of production becoming more difficult, they would be moving production to Stoneville, North Carolina.

We were excited when we brought the Gerbing’s line on board and it just keeps getting better knowing they will be the only heated gear available that’s made in the Good-ol-USA.

Below is Jeff Gerbing’s interview with the Stoneville local media.


Tire Tech Day

Yesterday we held a Tech Day for the Wisconsin BMW club. This one covered repairing tubeless tires if you get an object like a nail or screw in them.

We went over some of the tools you should carry with you to make the repair, and different ways to inflate the tire once the repair was made. We had 5 different styles of motorcycle tire repair kits available so that people could try them out and see which one worked best for them.

The seminar lasted about 2 hours and was a hands on session, where everyone had the opportunity to practice removing a nail or screw from a tire, and then patch it so they could get back on the road again. Once again we had a bike set up that people could test their skill and see if their patch held air. And, just like last year, it was unanimous that steel belted radial tires are evil and will definitely give you a work out when you’re repairing.

Motorcycle tire repair kits Motorcycle Tire Repair