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After 10 days on the road all I can say is WOW!!!

WOW, what a great tip to PA!
WOW, what great roads to ride around on and take in the local scenery!
WOW, what a warm rally!
WOW, the volunteers did a GREAT job making sure everyone stayed hydrated in the heat!
WOW, that yuengling beer was some good brew!
WOW, a lot of folks stopped by the booth to say HI!

We’ve always had a great time at the MOA’s International Rally and this year was no different. So that we can enjoy the area, we always head out early and take a little mini-vacation before the rally starts. This gives us a chance to ride around, see the area, and taste the local fare. This year were able to enjoy a paddle boat river ferry, a castle tour in NY, and check out a local covered bridge and General store in Forskville for lunch on one of the days.

What cool things happened during the rally? Well, Jim von Baden stopped by the booth to answer questions on maintenance for folks. I had the opportunity to talk with some manufacturers I’ve had an interest in and some really exciting things are in the works. We had a TON of people asking about our T-shirt’s and how they could get them. That caught me completely off guard so now I’m in the process of investigating some designs so we can make them available to folks other than employees.

Thanks again to everyone that stopped by. Talking bikes with you and hearing your stories is why we go to rallies. I mean really, how can you not have a great time when you hang out with 6,500 like minded enthusiasts.

Below is a split-picture of the booth just after being set up, and again during the rally. We had some great help stop by again this year and everyone stayed in good spirits even with the high temps and lack of air flow.
Our booth at the 2011 BMWMOA International Rally in Bloomsburg PA

 Thanks again to everyone that stopped by and we’ll see you in 2012 in MO!

The phrase “On the road again” was made popular by singer Willie Nelson but, this year, it seems that should be our theme song with all of the rallies we’re attending.

Next week we’ll be on the road out to Bloomsburg, PA for the 2011 BMWMOA rally from July 21-24. We’ve got some great things in store for folks that stop by including Jim von Baden of JVB Productions in the booth to talk to visitors about their R-model bike maintenance.

The TrailTech Equinox LED lights were so popular at the BMWRA rally that we’ve brought in a TON more for those people looking for a lighting solution for their bike.

Stop by and check out our rally only specials on the following items.

We’ve also got a special agreement with SPOT for a discount on their tracking plan for everyone that buys a SPOT Messenger at the rally.

So stop by the booth early to make sure you don’t miss out on any of these special deals.

See ya in Bloomsburg!

BMWMOA Motorcycle Rally