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Sena Bluetooth released the firmware version 1.1 of the SMH5 and is recommending users of the SMH5 upgrade to the latest version. Some improvements including power management and enhancements in Bluetooth interoperability with mobile phones. You can upgrade your firmware using the new SMH5 Manager software, version 1.0 or Manager 1.2 for Mac.

Please be sure to register your product online in order to download the Manager software, since firmware upgrade service is provided only to the registered users.

For more details, please visit Sena web site at .

The ST has a great charging system, and we’re being very careful to install most of the electrical accessories on a switched circuit but we also wanted to plan for the “just in case” situation where the bike might not start because of a dead battery.

Getting to the battery on the ST is fairly simple in that you have to remove the seats and then remove 3-bolts that hold on the right side cover. Once the cover is off you can access the battery if you want to take a peek at the connections or jump start the bike.

On our project ST we decided to add a set of the 2 piece jumper cables so that none of that had to be done. This will be especially handy when the bike is loaded for long trips so you don’t have to pull off anything that is strapped down to the passenger seat area.

Installation is very straight forward because, as I already mentioned, you gain access to the battery by removing the seat and side cover. Once you have the side cover off you can see the battery and the terminals.

The kit comes with an 18″ whip and you attach the red to the positive, and the black to the negative. It doesn’t get much more straight forward than that. Once you’ve got it installed you have a 2-pin SAE connector similar to the one some battery chargers use but this whip is thick 10 gauge wire. DO NOT try to jump start your bike with the whip that your battery charger came with, it’s not a thick enough gauge.

The second part of the kit is a 12′ cable that will be stored in the tail trunk and, like the whip, is 10 gauge and has the 2-pin SAE and will plug right into the bike on one end. The other end has a set of clams that you can connect to the bike you are getting the jump start from.

It’s really as simple as that and when the install is complete you can hardly tell that you have the jumpers installed. We pulled ours out a little for the picture but it will be tucked away until it’s needed (which will hopefully be never)

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Cyclenutz T-Shirt

We always get questions about when we’re going to have T-shirts available and  I’m happy to say, we’ve finally had some made.

That’s right, NOW you can finally show them your NutZ and prove what they thought all along.

The Cyclenutz t-shirt is made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton and comes in Black, Black, or Black.

On the front left chest there is a subtle warning sign that you’re Nutz and on the back is the proof positive in full color.

Sena SMH10 Update

For those of you running the Sena Bluetooth communicators, the following was just announced.


Sena Technologies is proud to announce the latest version of the SMH10 firmware, v4.0! All SMH10 version 2 systems in the field today, with micro USB connection, will be able to download the v4.0 firmware at no charge to the customer.

To download v4.0, go to :

and register the product if they have not already, in order to receive the download. Below are new added features included in v4.0 for SMH10. Please be sure to advise all of your customers to download all of these great added features so they can continue to use the best communication system in the market today.


  • Bluetooth Specification v3.0
  • 4-way Conference intercom
  • Conference phone call with intercom participant
  • Multipoint for Mobile Phone+GPS
  • Voice Prompts