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No we’re not doing Hair Club for Men commercials but, if you’ve had the chance to talk to us at rallies you know that we pride ourselves on only selling products that we would use personally.

Well, our 2 piece jumper cable kits is one of those accessories, and I hoped I would never have occasion to use it. I’ve got it on my GSA, my DRZ, and my DR350 and Amy’s got one on her ST1300 and in all of the cases, it’s there “Just in Case”..

Over the Memorial day weekend we were riding in the GLMC 12hr Bonzai rally and the temps were predicted to be in the mid 90’s. It turns out that at about the 6th of our 15 stops the GSA’s battery decided that it had had enough of the heat.

Lucky for me both of the bikes we were riding in the event were equipped with the jumpers because if the bike got shut down, it wouldn’t start up on it’s own.

Sure we weren’t happy about having to take the extra time to jump start the bike but we were a lot happier that we didn’t have to rip any of the plastic off of the bike. All we did was plug the 2-wire SAE connector into the ST, put the clamps on the GS, and fire away.

The worst part about the whole process was forgetting to lock my seat back into place and not realizing it until mid-way through some killer twisties.

Now that my friends, made for an exciting little experience.