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So you’re out riding around, exploring new roads and, no how matter how prepared you thought you were, something happens during your ride. Sure most of us carry cell phones, some of us carry a SPOT™ messenger, but chances are the first question to run through your head is going to be “What do I do?”

If you’re a member of a club or are active online you have resources like the ADVrider Tent Space list, ST-Owners RAN list, MOA’s Anonymous book, and probably dozens more I’m not aware of.

But, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a list you could go to that combined members from these groups and more together and combined them into one list that you had access to? Well as it turns out there is and it’s called (wait for it) “Assistance List “.

Originally started as the FJR Forum list in February 2006, the list has grown to include riders from all of the major online forums, giving you more potential to find assistance.

The neat part about it is that they give you the ability to subscribe to different groups you might be interested in without creating accounts on all of the forums. They have worked a lot of great features for gaining access to, and getting help from the members. The different formats include paper, GPS downloadable, and access from a web enabled device.

You know we love our SPOT™ messenger which is why I really like the feature that enables you to include your SPOT™ in your recovery plan.

Put the flint and smoke signal towel away folks because by pressing the HELP button on your SPOT™ device to send a request to your emergency contacts, and, any list participant within a 100 mile radius. It can also send text and email messages to get in touch with the members. And yes, if the volunteer as opted to, their phone number will be listed so you can go old school and call them.

This site has a lot of potential and, for the most part, is completely free. Basic usage is free and there are some fees if you do use it for SPOT, and texts but hey, they have to cover their cost so the nominal per incident fee should be a non-issue, especially since it’s meant to get you and your bike out of a pinch.

Assistance List is definitely worth checking out and, while still in it’s infancy stage, has a lot of potential as a tool to help you when you’re out on the road so check it out and spread the word.

Publish Date: Mar 20, 2013
By Mary Slepicka – DealerNews

BREA, Calif. – Suzuki will be culling its U.S. dealer network after its Chapter 11 reorganization is finalized later this month, Dealernews has learned.

Dealers this week began receiving letters from American Suzuki Motor Corp. (ASMC) notifying them whether their franchise would be picked up by Suzuki Motor America Inc., which is the name of the reorganized company and designated the “purchaser” in the Chapter 11 filing.

“ASMC is assuming certain dealer agreements and other contracts and assigning them to Purchaser, while the majority of ASMC’s remaining contracts will be rejected,” states the letter, which was obtained by Dealernews. Dealers whose contracts are not being renewed are being told that their franchise agreements will be rejected and they will no longer be authorized Suzuki dealers as of March 31.

Cancelled dealers have until March 27 to file an “Other Settling Creditor Claim” to receive $10,000 in compensation. Suzuki also stated it will repurchase cancelled dealers’ new motorcycle and ATV inventory, plus parts and accessories.

If you’re doing any riding in the midwest this spring or fall you might want to consider taking a ride on the Lake Express High Speed Ferry. Last time we rode it I caught up on my sleep and was ready to ride when we hit the shore in MI.

The Ferry goes from Milwaukee, WI to Muskegon, MI and will get you across Lake Michigan in about 2 1/2 hrs. The best part about it that you don’t have to deal with Chicago traffic.

Once again the Lake Express is letting Motorcycles ride for free May, June, and again September & October 2013.

For more information and reservations check out the Lake Express website .

Lake Express Ferry