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Sena has announced the release of the firmware version 4.3 beta of the SMH10 with new features such as music sharing and speed dial function. These new functions will also be reflected in their other products like the SMH10R, SPH10 lines, SMH5 lines and more in the near future. To read the quick guide for the new functions, please click here.

You can upgrade your firmware using the new Device Manager software. The firmware upgrade service is provided only to the registered users so please be sure to register your products online and read the beta software disclaimer before you download the firmware.

To use the functions of beta firmware, please take the following steps to update it.

1. Download the beta firmware v4.3.
2. Download the new Sena Device Manager (v1.4.2 for Windows, v1.9.2 for Mac).
3. Update the beta firmware by using Sena Device Manager.
4. After the firmware update, please try to follow the “SMH10 v4.3 Beta Firmware Notes” to use the new functions.

– Product Registration:Register Now
– Beta Software Disclaimer: Go to Details

With the increase in portable devices that use USB power to charge, sometimes finding an easy way to charge them on your bike can be challenging. Well, thanks to the folks at Powerlet, that problem just became less of an issue with their new weatherproof USB power socket that will plug right into a Powerlet / BMW style plug so you can charge/power your mobile electronics.

Powerlet has just released their Powerlet to Dual USB 2.1A Adapter, the PAC-069 .

With this solution you can convert a Powerlet socket (also found on BMW motorcycles and many european bikes) into 2 USB Type A Connectors. Provides 2.1 Amp charging ports with weather proof cover.

The waterproof unit has a low profile design that is glove friendly and allows for fast charging of multiple devices. Works great with tablets and smartphones (iPad, Android, Galaxy, others), MP3s, and GPS.

 Dual USB Plug