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Nov 17, 2014

By Holly J. Wagner ~ Dealernews

AUSTIN, Texas – Representatives of the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles and Polaris Industries will meet this week to discuss the future of the Slingshot, a Texas DMV spokesman said.

Texas approved the sale of the Slingshot three-wheeler over the summer, but the DMV told Polaris Nov. 4 that the vehicles could not be registered in the state because they don’t meet the Vehicle Code definition of a motorcycle.

“We are meeting with Polaris [this] week to discuss options. If changes are made to statute, it would need to occur during the upcoming 84th legislative session, which begins in January. The effective date would depend on the language in the legislation,” said DMV spokesman Adam Shaivitz. He did not answer a question about whether there is any other avenue, such as an administrative action, to making the Slingshot street legal in Texas.

“In the interest of providing for the safe operation of motor vehicles in Texas with a thorough review of current laws, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles has determined Texas statutes do not allow for the Polaris Slingshot to be titled or registered,” Shaivitz said. “We will continue to work with Polaris as they explore options moving forward, and we will also work with the Texas Legislature on any recommended changes to statute to appropriately accommodate such vehicles.”

Polaris so far has not responded to requests for comment.