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Apr 15, 2015

EAST TROY, Wis. – Erik Buell Racing (EBR) has ceased operations and gone into receivership, and is seeking state protection similar to bankruptcy, according to a published report.
“The turn we recently took, after we thought we were moving forward, was unexpected. We thought we had secured funding, but in the end, we were not able to get the funding in place. Therefore we need to do the best we can under the circumstances for all parties in interest,” Buell said in a statement to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

EBR was a follow-on to Buell Motorcycle Co., which was owned by Harley-Davidson Inc. for more than a decade before Harley dropped the brand in 2009.

The company is closed for now, Buell said, and is seeking protection under a state statute which is similar to federal bankruptcy law. Attorney Michael S. Polsky will be the court appointed receiver at the company’s request. Bids will be solicited for the company as part of the Chapter 128 process, with the winning bid to be determined by the court.

EBR started by producing hand-built $40,000 and was adding the mass-production 1190RS superbike with a price tag closer to $19,000.

Buell invested his own money into the new venture, the in July 2013, Hero MotoCorp., the largest motorcycle manufacturer in India, bought a 49.2 percent stake in the company, which had 126 employees.

“To say this setback is a disappointment does not begin to express what I feel right now,” Buell said. “I am personally grateful for the support of our outstanding workers, customers and vendors. While this is a sad ending, I personally hope for a new and better beginning.”

For all you Android users, we have great news. The makers of the Neutrino Power Distribution block have come out with a free update to the Cockpit Controller app that will allow you to configure any combination of Neutrino Black Box circuits to automatically turn on (or off) based on ambient temperature. This update is available now on the Google Play site.

What this means is that you can now set your heated grips, gloves, liner, seat…whatever, automatically turn on when the temp drops to a level that you decide. Not only that, but can also specify the percent on (how hot) you want each item to be when turned on. Since this is individually set for each circuit, each item can deploy at different temps and with different heat settings.
You can also use this functionality to do things like turn an item off based on ambient temp. This might be useful if you go off roading with your truck/car and use a little refrigerator. Now, when the ambient temp drops below, say 70 degrees, the fridge can automatically shut down.
This is just the start of what will be a number of cool features that will be added to the Neutrino Black Box over time, and you can see it in action at
For all you iOS users out there, this update will also be available for Apple devices in a month or so.


One of our most popular camping products, the LuminAID inflatable solar lantern, is going to be on ABC’s, Shark Tank, Friday February 20th. Tune in and see how Andrea and Anna do when they go up against the Sharks.

Press Kit – LuminAID

CHICAGO (January 16, 2015) – Will or won’t “the sharks” bite? Andrea Sreshta and Anna Stork, co-founders of Chicago-based LuminAID will present their solar powered inflatable light invention to the distinguished panel of potential investors known as “the sharks” on ABC’s popular show, Shark Tank, on Friday, February 20. The show airs at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT on ABC and Chicago investors/supporters Clean Energy Trust, the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and Com Ed are hosting a Shark Tank viewing party to find out if the Chicago entrepreneurs make a deal… or not.

Originally designed to provide relief and safety at night in areas of the world hit by natural disasters, LuminAID has gone on to become a reliable resource of light for any nighttime occasion. When charged outside in direct sun for seven hours, the light can provide up to 16 hours of LED light and features two settings – low and high. LuminAID lanterns are 100 percent waterproof making them a safety tool, as much as an accessory for outdoor adventure or entertaining.


We’re pleased to announce that we’re now carrying Giant Loop Luggage products.

Giant Loop® has evolved into one of the world’s most innovative soft luggage makers. Their current line includes durable tail packs, saddlebags, tankbags, and more. Some of the very best riders in the world use Giant Loop gear, including Baja 1000 winners Quinn Cody and Kendall Norman, off-road racing legend Malcolm Smith, world-record setting Husaberg Adventure Team, London-to-Sydney riders from Continental Drift, as well as many others.

Giant Loop Luggage Products




Publish Date:

Nov 17, 2014

By Holly J. Wagner ~ Dealernews

AUSTIN, Texas – Representatives of the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles and Polaris Industries will meet this week to discuss the future of the Slingshot, a Texas DMV spokesman said.

Texas approved the sale of the Slingshot three-wheeler over the summer, but the DMV told Polaris Nov. 4 that the vehicles could not be registered in the state because they don’t meet the Vehicle Code definition of a motorcycle.

“We are meeting with Polaris [this] week to discuss options. If changes are made to statute, it would need to occur during the upcoming 84th legislative session, which begins in January. The effective date would depend on the language in the legislation,” said DMV spokesman Adam Shaivitz. He did not answer a question about whether there is any other avenue, such as an administrative action, to making the Slingshot street legal in Texas.

“In the interest of providing for the safe operation of motor vehicles in Texas with a thorough review of current laws, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles has determined Texas statutes do not allow for the Polaris Slingshot to be titled or registered,” Shaivitz said. “We will continue to work with Polaris as they explore options moving forward, and we will also work with the Texas Legislature on any recommended changes to statute to appropriately accommodate such vehicles.”

Polaris so far has not responded to requests for comment.

Sena Bluetooth has announced that they have released firmware v1.2 for the Sena 20S Bluetooth headset which incorporates new features including;

  • Increased audio volume for intercom, music and Bluetooth Audio Recording
  • Improved multi-way intercom reliability
  • Audio Boosting option
  • Headset battery meter for iPhone
  • Advanced Noise Control™ On/Off capability
  • Voice command triggering by Ambient Mode button

User’s Guide:


It is now available for download. Please click the link to learn more:

To automatically update the firmware, you have to download the new version of Sena Device Manger 2.1(Windows/Mac)

Sena has announced an updated version of firmware for their SMH10 units.

The new version is 5.1 and includes the following updates.

  • Advanced Noise Control™:On/Off capability
  • Improved intercom compatibility with the 20S
  • Improved compatibility with Bluetooth GPS devices
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

You can upgrade your firmware using the Device Manager v2.0.4 for Windows and v2.0.4 for Mac users.

Please be sure to register your product online in order to download the new Manager software, since free upgrade service is provided only to the registered users. For more details, please visit Sena web site at

Please download the Device Manager or firmware.
Click Here to Download

Please download the new user’s guide.
Click Here to Download

The firmware upgrade service is provided only to the registered users.
Register Now

BMW has issued an urgent instruction to all owners of 2014 BMW R1200RT owners fitted with the Dynamic ESA electronic suspension system to stop riding their motorcycles with immediate effect.

The problem concerns the rear suspension system and the potential failure of the plunger rod assembly inside. The instruction to stop riding motorcycles only relates to the 2014 model of the RT; the bike with the updated water-cooled boxer engine that was launched just a few months ago and only those models with the Dynamic ESA suspension option fitted.

A statement from BMW reads: “We regret to inform you that with immediate effect all 2014 R 1200 RT with Dynamic ESA must not be ridden. At this moment, we cannot guarantee that the plunger rod assembly for the rear suspension unit will not fail.
“Customers of affected machines will be contacted by their dealer immediately and asked not to ride their motorcycle. Whilst this is extremely disappointing for our customers their safety is BMW Motorrad’s priority.”

To date there have been no injuries related to this issue. Approximately 8,000 vehicles are affected by this measure worldwide.

A technical campaign is in preparation to replace the part in question.

Sources: MCN , UMC

WASHINGTON, D.C. – BMW of North America is recalling certain model year 2013 R 1200 GS motorcycles starting in June. The Recall is because a problem with the pressure inside the transmission causing the output seal to be pushed out of place.

If the output seal ring is pushed out of position, oil may leak from the transmission onto the rear tire, increasing the risk of a crash, according to NHTSA.

About 1,420 bikes, manufactured from November 2012 through August 2013, are affected, BMW said. Dealers are asked to fit a bracket to prevent the transmission seal from being pushed out of position.