We just received the following news update from Cardo Systems.

Cardo Systems Releases New Software Upgrade for the scala rider G9 Communication and Entertainment System for Motorcyclists

Free software upgrade includes more voice controlled features for keeping your hands on the grips of your handlebar and other great new benefits 

Pittsburgh, PA   October 17, 2012

Cardo Systems, Inc. annouces the release of software version 1.3 for the scala rider G9. The free upgrade is available now to all G9 users via the Cardo Community® online platform. URL:

Since its introduction, the scala rider® G9 has been widely recognized as the most ‘social’ and feature-rich communication and entertainment system for motorcyclists. Software version 1.3 offers new voice commands, audio announcements, new VOX setting and cross-language voice recognition.

The Call Intercom Setting on your G9 allows users to easily and seamlessly open an intercom conversation with fellow rider right away without the need to first give a voice command in advance.  Simply set your unit to Call Intercom Setting and start speaking to your friends.

Customize Your VOX Setting

  • Alternative Call Intercom Setting: in addition to the default Voice Command Setting whereby users first speak a general voice command, followed by specific function commands, the new alternative mode has been added to allow users to activate the intercom to fellow riders just by speaking (like the scala rider models G4 and Q2 PRO and TeamSet® PRO)
  • Voice Command Setting: Original VOX setting for voice control instruction to control opening functions: via a first voice command to initiate a beep that indicates to users that the device is ready for a voice command, and a second command to either speak on the intercom or control any available function, remains the default option.

Original Voice Commands

  • Radio On/Off
  • Music On/Off on your cell phone or Bluetooth® MP3 player

Additional Cool New Voice Commands

  • Control Music by Voice: Next Track, Previous Track
  • Control Radio: Next Station, Previous Station

BMW Pairing Mode

  • New pairing mode with the BMW Bluetooth® audio system (tested on BMW K 1600) allowing a G9 user simultaneous pairing to mobile phone and to the BMW audio system
  • Retains functionality of the BMW audio system, but enhances through working together

Improved Compatibility with Garmin Zumo 660

  • Improved compatibility with the Garmin® Zumo 660 for voice directions and streaming music

Convenient New Auditory Announcements

  • Low battery announcement
  • Saved radio station announcement
  • Radio station frequency announcement
  • New group signal from rider A or B
  • Power On/Off announcement

Assorted Bug Fixes

Multi-language Voice Instruction

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Italian

We want to thank our loyal customers for their suggestions. You spoke and we listened!

Press Release:

Sena Bluetooth, July 11 2012
We are pleased to announce the release of its Dual Stream Bluetooth Stereo Transmitter, the SM10. The SM10 is a groundbreaking and first of its kind Bluetooth stereo audio adapter aftermarket product and is based on Bluetooth 2.1+EDR technology. Motorcycle riders are able to connect audio devices such as mobile phones or MP3 players with the SM10. It also supports onboard audio systems of specific brands by using optional audio cables. The dual streaming feature of SM10 allows both the rider and the passenger to listen to the same music or radio station, even wirelessly, at the same through Bluetooth headsets. The SM10 has an aux audio input that enables the rider to connect additional non-Bluetooth audio devices such as a radar/laser detector or a GPS navigator.

“Our most important job here at Sena is to listen to our customers and work to meet their needs,” said Tae Kim, President and CEO of Sena Technologies, Inc. “Our users have seen a similar technology application from a motorcycle manufacturer. Customers let us know they would be interested in a unit that lets both the rider and the passenger on a motorcycle have the same audio experience and we’re happy to say the SM10 provides this unique and amazing option.”

While the SM10 pairs best with Sena’s SMH10 or SMH5 Bluetooth headset/intercom, the SM10 may actually be paired with nearly any Bluetooth headset available. Sena’s SMH10 headset/intercom allows up to four riders or passenger to communicate on the road via intercom at the same time, and connects to one’s mobile phone, GPS, mp3 player all wirelessly. The SMH5 allows two riders or one rider and one passenger to communicate via intercom and does everything the SMH10 does, though provides a slightly shorter battery charge and talk time and has a shorter intercom talk distance.

As technology updates for the SM10 become available, users may download and install these firmware upgrades at no cost by using manager software based on Windows or Mac platforms.

The SM10 supports a two-year Warranty for peace of mind for all customers. The SM10 retails for $149 and is available immediately.

You can find more information about the Sena SM10 and other Sena Bluetooth products on our website.

Sena Bluetooth released the firmware version 1.1 of the SMH5 and is recommending users of the SMH5 upgrade to the latest version. Some improvements including power management and enhancements in Bluetooth interoperability with mobile phones. You can upgrade your firmware using the new SMH5 Manager software, version 1.0 or Manager 1.2 for Mac.

Please be sure to register your product online in order to download the Manager software, since firmware upgrade service is provided only to the registered users.

For more details, please visit Sena web site at .

Cyclenutz T-Shirt

We always get questions about when we’re going to have T-shirts available and  I’m happy to say, we’ve finally had some made.

That’s right, NOW you can finally show them your NutZ and prove what they thought all along.

The Cyclenutz t-shirt is made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton and comes in Black, Black, or Black.

On the front left chest there is a subtle warning sign that you’re Nutz and on the back is the proof positive in full color.

The easiest to install Fuseblock just got a little easier!

This wiring harness kit comes with everything you’ll need to connect the Fuzeblock FZ-1 to your bike instead of you having to create one from scratch. In the kit you’ll get your 12v+, your ground, and your switched wire in 6′ lengths so you can reach any spot on the bike.

All of the terminals are already crimped onto the wire and the power wire has an in-line fuse to help protect your installation. A Posi-Tap connector is included so you can tap into the switched wire on your bike easily. To clean it all up you also get some protective webbing sheath for the wires.

And, although the wires aren’t Red, White, and Blue, the FZW-1 is made right here in the USA.

Motorcycle Fuse Block Wiring Harness

We have always heard great reports back from our customers that bought Givi Luggage from us and were hoping the same would happen when we started carrying the Givi Windscreens.

We where happy to hear back from one of our customers after he bought a Givi 330DT screen to give him a little more coverage than his stock GS screen provided. So, when another customer came in to ask about the Givi AF330 for her 09 BMW-GS, we were of course excited to share the feedback with her.

She stopped in for one of our tech days after putting a few miles on with the new screen and once again a positive review of the increased protection she was getting from the Givi. In fact, if I recall correctly she’s excited to get caught in her first rain storm so she can see how the adjustability of the screen helps increase her protection.

While the bike was there I snapped a couple pictures of the screen in it’s low and high position. Using the top edge of the lower screen as a reference, you can see how much added protection you get by moving the screen up.

We always love hearing feedback about products you’ve picked up from us so don’t be shy about sharing your experiences.

Some great news for users of the Contour Video Camera was announced on Tuesday. In the past you could upload your video’s directly to sites like YouTube and Vimeo in addition to Contours own video site.

Well, after numerous requests, they’ve added this capability as a standard feature to their latest version of the Storyteller software. Now, instead of uploading to and sharing from there, you can do it right from your software.

By adding this feature you can now post links to Twitter and Embed in Facebook AND upload to Vimeo and YouTube. You can still do it through or, if you upgrade to the latest version of Storyteller you can do it right from your software. To update, just open up your Storyteller software and go to “Help -> Check for Updates” and follow the instructions.

If you have any questions or problems doing this upgrade just let us know and we’ll be happy to help you through it.

Last year we got some inquiries on heated grips from our customers so we set out to find what was hot in the market (pun intended). A few companies kept coming up in various forums so I narrowed it down to two of the most popular grips. As it turns out, Symtec (Heat Demon) not only makes their own grips but they are the OEM grips for other powersport manufacturers and their parts can be found in other heated grip manufacturers kits.

So, based on review and the fact that other grip companies are using their gear, I decided to add the Symtec Heat Demon products to our lineup of heated gear. One of the great things about the Heat Demon grip-warmers is that they are installed under whatever grips you want to install on your bike. That means you don’t have to sacrafice style or comfort for warmth.

Along with the flexibility of using your own grips, the Heat Demon kits come in a variety of configurations and controllers so that they will work on a wide range of bikes. You can use their standard External kit for your street or off-road bike, the Harley kit for an OEM look, and a metric models inlcuding Goldwings, ST1300’s, V-Strom’s and many more. You can check out their fitment chart to see if they have a model that will work on your bike.

Sorry, but we just took one more reason away for you to park your bike for the winter.

We’re excited to announce that we’ve added VaVaVroom womans gear to our lineup. VaVaVroom is clothing that’s designed to cater to the female motorcycling enthusiasts who wants the best-designed, best-made and most fashionable cycling clothing on the planet.

We’ll be adding more styles in the future so check our VaVaVroom Woman’s clothing page regularly.