The phrase “On the road again” was made popular by singer Willie Nelson but, this year, it seems that should be our theme song with all of the rallies we’re attending.

Next week we’ll be on the road out to Bloomsburg, PA for the 2011 BMWMOA rally from July 21-24. We’ve got some great things in store for folks that stop by including Jim von Baden of JVB Productions in the booth to talk to visitors about their R-model bike maintenance.

The TrailTech Equinox LED lights were so popular at the BMWRA rally that we’ve brought in a TON more for those people looking for a lighting solution for their bike.

Stop by and check out our rally only specials on the following items.

We’ve also got a special agreement with SPOT for a discount on their tracking plan for everyone that buys a SPOT Messenger at the rally.

So stop by the booth early to make sure you don’t miss out on any of these special deals.

See ya in Bloomsburg!

BMWMOA Motorcycle Rally

One of the cool things about doing what we do is having our customers be happy with their setups and us seeing them out in the field.

For those of you that may not know, the 15th annual Iron Butt Rally kicked off yesterday from WA. This years format is 48 states with a four corners and state capitol twist. Pat from ishootyoulive was at the start and snapped pictures of the riders as the left the start lot.

As I was clicking through his photo’s I saw this one of a GS rider rolling out of the start with our lightbar and Fuego lamps set up on his ride. That’s the same setup I’ve got on my GSA so I’m confident he’s going to have no problem throwing some serious light down the road once the sun sets.

If you’re interested in following along with this years rally here are some great links to keep tabs on over the next 11 days.

Official Ironbutt Association 2011 updates

ADVRider 2011 IBR thread

ST-Owners 2011 IBR thread

FJR Owners 2011 IBR thread


I think it was two years ago when I picked up my DR350 because it was better suited for the off-road riding I wanted to do than my GS1200. While the GS is a very capable bike, my concern was with the operator not being quite so capable and felt it was only a matter of time before I seriously injured either the bike or myself.

With the DR in the garage I was able to explore more technical trails that I had been able to pre-dr and had a blast as I try to improve my skills. I’ve still got a LOOOOONG way to go and have been keeping my eyes open for a DRZ for my next ride.

Those of you that have seen us at rallies know that Amy is an integral part of the operation. Unfortunately, she hadn’t expressed much of an interest in venturing off the beaten path when I’d go out.

That of course was until this spring when she decided to take an off-road class with some girlfriends. This class was the same one I had taken and is put on by Wisconsin Off-Road Adventures . Of course she had a blast and as luck would have it a Honda NX250 became available. While it’s not suited for the likes of Moab, it’s a great beginners bike for the kind of riding she’ll be doing to start with.

This week the Previous Owners were kind enough to deliver it to us and we’ve now got a classic in the garage. I almost hate to think about actually taking it off-road but I guess it’s what it was made for so I should probably get over that feeling. Looks like Amy and I will be enjoying some of the many trails Wisconsin has to offer this summer.

Our new to us NX250