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Last year we got some inquiries on heated grips from our customers so we set out to find what was hot in the market (pun intended). A few companies kept coming up in various forums so I narrowed it down to two of the most popular grips. As it turns out, Symtec (Heat Demon) not only makes their own grips but they are the OEM grips for other powersport manufacturers and their parts can be found in other heated grip manufacturers kits.

So, based on review and the fact that other grip companies are using their gear, I decided to add the Symtec Heat Demon products to our lineup of heated gear. One of the great things about the Heat Demon grip-warmers is that they are installed under whatever grips you want to install on your bike. That means you don’t have to sacrafice style or comfort for warmth.

Along with the flexibility of using your own grips, the Heat Demon kits come in a variety of configurations and controllers so that they will work on a wide range of bikes. You can use their standard External kit for your street or off-road bike, the Harley kit for an OEM look, and a metric models inlcuding Goldwings, ST1300’s, V-Strom’s and many more. You can check out their fitment chart to see if they have a model that will work on your bike.

Sorry, but we just took one more reason away for you to park your bike for the winter.