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For all you Android users, we have great news. The makers of the Neutrino Power Distribution block have come out with a free update to the Cockpit Controller app that will allow you to configure any combination of Neutrino Black Box circuits to automatically turn on (or off) based on ambient temperature. This update is available now on the Google Play site.

What this means is that you can now set your heated grips, gloves, liner, seat…whatever, automatically turn on when the temp drops to a level that you decide. Not only that, but can also specify the percent on (how hot) you want each item to be when turned on. Since this is individually set for each circuit, each item can deploy at different temps and with different heat settings.
You can also use this functionality to do things like turn an item off based on ambient temp. This might be useful if you go off roading with your truck/car and use a little refrigerator. Now, when the ambient temp drops below, say 70 degrees, the fridge can automatically shut down.
This is just the start of what will be a number of cool features that will be added to the Neutrino Black Box over time, and you can see it in action at
For all you iOS users out there, this update will also be available for Apple devices in a month or so.